Green Building Certification Services

Since 2006, EcoAmmo has successfully project managed green building certifications throughout Western Canada. In total, EcoAmmo has certified over 70 Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) projects. LEED is only part of how we are transitioning the world towards sustainability. 

We are committed to making green building certifications easier, less time consuming, less financially taxing and dare we say it... Fun! We have years of experience in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects. 

Contact us early in your project planning phase to include sustainability when it costs the least and is easiest to implement. We will  support you through the design and construction of your project, ensuring that your goals are reached. After your building is open we can assist you with setting and reaching sustainability operational goals, and we can help you tell your sustainability leadership story. 

We pride ourselves on finding solutions for clients that meet their needs; each rating system has a unique value proposition. There are projects where certification is not required and in those cases we can help guide clients through the options to build sustainably and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability is a complex issue, let us help you find a starting point. We can assist with writing sustainable building policies, feasibility studies, and green tenant guidelines. We can meter and monitor your operations to reduce environmental impact and help engage staff to reach your sustainability goals.

IPD & Lean Consulting

We believe that the combination of 'Lean' and 'Green' is the answer to reaching the world's collective energy and sustainability goals. By changing the process of HOW buildings are built to be more effective, more time is found within the schedule and more money found within the budget. What once was wasted time and money in the form of an inefficient process, can now be put towards providing more value to the client in the form of a more sustainable building. When over 60% of projects are behind schedule and over budget (Source: Standish Group), there is a large opportunity to improve.  

Lean construction methods can be applied to and benefit any project, the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contract model acts as an accelerant as the project team is contractually tied together to collaborate with profits as one of the incentives. 

We are practiced in Lean methodologies and can help integrate Lean into your next construction project or your day-to-day business operation. If you are ready to apply the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contract model to your project, we can act as your experienced IPD facilitator. EcoAmmo will provide a consistent team of experienced and trained Lean professionals to coordinate and facilitate the IPD process from start to finish. 

If your goal is to build a high-performance building, experience has shown us that a collaborative project delivery method is the most effective path. The level of integration and coordination required to reach high performance goals such as Net Zero Energy is demonstrably more critical to success.

Facilitation of any project is an art form as much as a science. For an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) project, where large team collaboration is essential for success, Stephani and EcoAmmo have strongly demonstrated an ability to draw out the strengths of the team while keeping the project team on task. The tools and methods Stephani utilizes are effective, fun and foster greater project value for an owner. Our experiences lead us to highly recommend Stephani and EcoAmmo for your project facilitation needs.
— Rob Nespliak, P.ENG President - ICON Industrial Contractors